How to be Productive as a Business Owner During Lockdown

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How to be Productive as a Business Owner During Lockdown

With the current epidemic slowly dawning upon us by the day, its no wonder most boutique and business owners as a whole now feel anxious, nervous, scared and uncertain about what to do. It is very common to feel demotivated and unsure what to do or how to carry on with your business. So in today’s article we’ve curated a few things you can do to keep you going as a boutique or business owner.

1. Plan Your Boutique

If you are still at the initial research stages of launching your boutique and still looking for information on where to start, then now is the perfect time to plan your boutique. Now is the perfect time to work on planning your boutique, undertaking research, reading that book and taking those courses you need to educate yourself and help with launching your book. The Online Boutique CEO book is a great must have A-Z guide for anyone struggling to start an online boutique.

2. Create/Revamp Your Boutique Website

If you haven’t already created your website, then now is the time. There are so many tools and resources out there to help you with creating your website. However if you need help with creating your website even as a newbie with no experience, then you can  CLICK HERE to learn more. If you already have your website up and running , then now is the perfect time to revamp it. Go through your products images, descriptions, work on your SEO , homepage and see how you can make it look even better.

3. Take Boutique Inventory Pictures

If you already have inventory, then now is the perfect time to take some pictures and recreate some styles with your inventory that isn’t selling. Play with your inventory, mix and match styles and work on your collection to make things even more appealing for your customers.

4. Research on Wholesale Suppliers

Just because some wholesale suppliers are closed doesn’t mean they aren’t operating online. In fact most vendors are now operating solely online especially given the fact that delivery companies are still operating. Now is the perfect time to start researching on those wholesale vendors and planning your  boutique collections. If you need help finding vendors, then we have curated over 330+ wholesale clothing suppliers for you.

5. Build your Boutique Email List

Don’t have an email list yet? Then now is the perfect time to create one. Start building your list of email subscribers so you can update them as soon as you have new inventory, sales, etc. A great email marketing autoresponder I highly recommend is Aweber. You can try them FREE to start with, then its $19 per month moving forward – a worthwhile investment if you ask me.

One problem most boutique owners unfortunately face however is collecting a list of subscribers and not knowing what to send to them, or sending emails that simply aren’t getting opened. So if this sounds familiar and you are currently facing this problem, then we have curated a list of over 365+ catchy email subject lines that you can send out to your customers that will prompt them to open your emails every single time and take action. So if you are interested, then you can CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

6. Grow Your Boutique Social Media Pages

Now is the perfect time to build your following on social media. Get people to follow you on social media, connect with potential customers and build relationships with them. Not sure what to post on social media? Then we have 12 months worth of social media content ideas you can get started with. Click Here to check it out.

So these are 6 things you can do to keep your boutique afloat during this period of fear and uncertainty. Hope you find some value in this content and remember DO NOT SELF ISOLATE YOUR GOALS.