How to Create an eCommerce Website Store with WordPress

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How to Create an eCommerce Website Store with WordPress | Quick Beginner Steps

In-order to create a professional and well trusted brand, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a website. After all you are running an online based store so what better place to sell your products than on your own website.

A business without a website should be prepared to lose out on over 95% of its customers. Nowadays, people go on the internet 24/7 searching for all types of information. With technology practically taking over the world, it is vital that you have a business website. Without the internet, there is no way you would not be on this page right now.

Secondly owning a website will save you so much time, money and energy in your day to day activities. Gone are the days where you had to open 100 stores in 100 different cities, just to appeal to customers worldwide. With a website, your laptop and access to the internet, you are on the ‘’World Wide Web’’ and customers can access and purchase your products from just that one little website.

To get your business up and running you will need 2 key things; a domain name & a hosting platform.


Your domain name is the URL name of your business. It is best to name your domain after your business name. So assuming your business name is plus size boutique then your domain name could be something in the lines of, or,, .net, etc. basically what name best suits you.

You can get a domain name registered for less than $10 per year from Namecheap.  However if you have another domain provider in mind, you can still use them. If you want to focus on for example UK based customers only, then you could look into a domain name. Although a .com name is highly recommended as this is great especially for attracting a global audience. So come up with something short, sweet and easy to remember. Once you purchase your domain name, this should usually be LIVE instantly and available for a year.


Once your domain name is registered, you need to think about some web hosting options in-order to start creating your website. A domain name without a host is like building a house without a roof.

There are several platforms out there which you can use to host your website. However, below are a few I will recommend. One of the best platforms to look into when setting up your boutique website is Shopify.  Shopify is not only great for ecommerce online stores, but is also very beginner and user friendly.

Shopify starts at $29 per month with a 14 Day FREE trial giving you the opportunity to try them out before you make a purchase decision. You can get started with Shopify by CLICKING HERE. Once registered, they will guide you around creating your website. You can even checkout free youtube videos on “How To Create a Shopify Store”.

Shopify also has so many training tools and a fantastic team that can help you with designing your website, so you can be rest assured that your website will be up and running in no time. You can find out more about designing your Shopify store at:

However to create an e-commerce website on WordPress you would need to purchase web hosting from an independent web hosting company such as Bluehost or Income Reap. If you purchase web hosting from these companies, then there is no need to purchase a domain name as it comes free with both these companies.



Once you have a domain name registered and a hosting platform ready to go, its time to start creating your website. Now you can either hire someone to create your commerce website for you – however do bear in mind that most web designers will charge you $500 + to create an commerce website for you. Alternatively you could do it yourself by following our step by step web design course which is currently on sale at only $27. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

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