5 Things You Need to Launch Your Boutique Right Now!

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Are you thinking about starting an online boutique and still not sure what you need in-order to launch that boutique? Then these are 5 key things you need to launch your boutique right now in 2020 and beyond.

Right Mindset

The first thing you need to launch a boutique or business as a whole is the right mindset. Starting a boutique is like having a baby and you need to be willing to give it your full time attention and affection. If you are starting out alone, be ready to become the manager, accountant, sales person, bookkeeper, web designer, employee and everything that comes with running a boutique business. So make sure you are starting your boutique with the right mindset.


The second thing you need to launch your boutique right now is inventory. There are so many platforms you can use to find wholesale suppliers. You can start with the good old Google. Or if you want to save yourself the time and stress of going through the thousands of pages on Google, then check out www.sellpire.com


Another thing you need to launch your boutique right now is to have a website. Although some people start by selling on social media. You can find out more about starting your boutique on Facebook at:

However, it is highly recommend that in-order to build a professional presence and have more control of your clients and buyers, you need to have a website up and running as soon as possible. This will also save you so much stress as your website can actually work for you by making the shopping experience easier for your customers and saving you a lot of time and stress. A great ecommerce platform is Shopify which starts at $29 per month and comes with so many tools and resources to help you build your first e-commerce website.

Register Your Business

In-order to launch a boutique, you need to be registered for tax purposes. Unfortunately you will need to start paying your taxes at the end of each tax year. So make sure you have your business registered. Starting off as a sole trader or sole proprietor is the easiest way to launch your boutique especially if starting alone. More information on launching your boutique legally can be found at: https://runboutique.com/2020/04/07/how-to-start-an-online-boutique-legally/

Have an Email Marketing Strategy

Another must have for launching a successful boutique is to have an email marketing strategy in place. Remember as a brand new boutique, nobody knows about you just yet. Having an email marketing strategy in place gives you the opportunity to collect cold leads and transform them into warm leads and paying customers. I recommend you checkout Aweber to get started with setting up your email marketing campaigns. You can try them FREE to start with, then its $19 per month moving forward – a worthwhile investment if you ask me.