Social Media Marketing Tips and Post Ideas for Small Businesses

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Social Media Marketing Tips and Post Ideas for Small Businesses

Struggling to generate social media post ideas for your business? The you are not alone. One problem so many boutiques and business owners face is struggling to stay consistent on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. They start your business, post consistently on social media for the first week or so, and then suddenly NOTHING. You have officially ran out of content ideas on what to post on your social media. 

Unlike a personal social media account where you can easily post selfies, family pictures, what your dog is getting up to, what you ate for dinner, who you are hanging our with or your baby’s first steps, running a business social media is a completely different ball game. Although you can post interpersonal content on your business social media account (depending of course on what type of business you run), it is not uncommon for business owners to completely run out of social media post ideas.

There are all sorts of social media post ideas you can use but the goal here is to keep it simple but with a powerful message that will attract and engage the right audience. So in this article, we share a few social media post ideas you can use in your boutique or business right now.

1. Share Pictures of Your Products or Inventory

The first social media post idea is to post pictures of your products. When I talk about product images I’m not referring to simply posting one picture of your products/inventory on a model or mannequin then praying and hoping for the best. You will need to be creative in the way you present your products. A great way to do so is to take the product from different angles, front view, back view, side view, product on different people or backgrounds, close up and personal view of product, flatly of the product, etc. Now in doing so, you could easily come up with 10 social media post ideas for your Instagram, Facebook or social media. Now repeat the same process with every piece of inventory or product you have and you would be surprised and the number of ideas you have for your social media posts. So think of 10 different ways you could model that inventory or product.

2. Use Different Models

This is a perfect social media post idea especially for those who sell clothing. Remember people have completely different body shapes and sizes. Some are petite whilst others are plus size whilst some are apple shaped whilst others pear shaped. Some are tall  whilst others short. So if you can find different people – friends, family members or models, with different shapes and sizes to showcase your products, then you are off to a great start. Not only does this mean that you can use one model to create 10 different post ideas (as mentioned in Step 1), but you can appeal to a wider audience of different types of customers. So again use different models for your products if you can and take 10 different pictures and videos which you can use as social media post ideas.

3. Create Video Content

Another great social media post idea you could look into creating is videos. Some people dislike reading and would prefer watching videos. And guess what? Videos rank higher on social media and get more engagement than just pictures. So you can choose your most popular content and repurpose it into video format. So this could be behind the scenes photoshoot videos, new arrival videos, how to style videos. This will make some great social media posts ad appeal to an even wider audience.

4. Memes & Quotes

Another great social media post idea is memes and quotes. Memes are popular on social media and are always great for engagement. But the trick here is to post memes and quotes most relevant to our audience. Think about your target audience, their pain points and how to incorporate that in your memes. Motivational quotes are also a great social media post idea as each and everyone of us need some motivation at some point in our lives. So many memes and quotes also have the potential of going viral fast.

So these are a few social media post ideas you can use on your business Facebook, Instagram. This will help you stay consistent and gain engagement and of course sales.

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