How to Start an Online Boutique Selling on Facebook

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How to Start an Online Boutique Selling on Facebook Page

Starting an online boutique is an amazing and lucrative journey. However it is understandable that for some people, going through the process of creating a website can be rather daunting, expensive or perhaps they just want to test out the waters first before investing on a website. If thats you right now, then good news is you can actually start an online boutique on Facebook. In-fact there are so many boutique owners solely running their online clothing boutiques selling on their Facebook pages only.

So this article will show you how you too can start your online boutique through selling on your Facebook page.


Now that you have decided to start your own online boutique selling on your Facebook page, one of the most important first steps to starting your online boutique is to identify a niche or market you want to focus on. Overall the best inspirations and motivations should come from things you love and personally enjoy, from personal experience, and most of all something you have a passion for.  Don’t try to be too broad by trying to sell everything, find a niche and stick to it. For example, if you start a clothing line selling plus size clothing, then automatically you know your target audience is plus size women. This will make the marketing process so much of a breeze when selling on Facebook



One of the most important steps when starting a Facebook boutique is deciding on how and where to source inventory or what products to sell on your online store. There are three key ways to source inventory for your online clothing boutique; buy wholesale, dropshipping or make your own products.

Buying wholesale is a very popular way of sourcing products which usually involves buying products in bulk at a low price from a supplier, then reselling it at a higher price to your customers. Dropshipping is another great inventory sourcing option that involves selling products on your website with no need to purchase any inventory in advance. Simply find a drop shipping supplier, start selling their products on your website (at a higher retail price), when a customer buys from you, you pass their shipping details to the supplier (keeping the profit) and the supplier deals with the packaging and shipping of products directly to them. This is one of our highly recommended and low risk methods of sourcing inventory especially for those starting on a tight budget.

However for your Facebook boutique, its probably best stick to buying wholesale at this point as you would need to have products on hand to actually show your audience.

There are many wholesale platforms out there such as, OrangeShine, etc. However they do come with their restrictions and require you to have an EIN number and permit to access and contact their suppliers. However the number one platform we will recommend for finding Wholesale and Dropshipping suppliers is SellPire.

Other supplier directories to also checkout are;

World Wide Brands 




Now we have some suppliers and hopefully some orders paced and received, the next step of course is creating your Facebook business page. Do not try to sell on your personal page as it will appear unprofessional and make it almost impossible for you to run Facebook ads. So you want to start by creating a Facebook shop page. Below is a video that should help you with creating a Facebook shop page for your boutique.

Once you have your Facebook boutique created, the next step is creating a Facebook ad ensuring that you target the niche previously identified in Step 1. If you are struggling with creating Facebook ads, then CLICK HERE to learn more or check out the Run Boutique Business Kit which comes with an all in one boutique startup kit and includes an in-depth Facebook marketing course to get you started.



Once your online boutique Facebook business is finally up and running and you are making some sales, its time to think about upgrading to a website. Creating a website need not be difficult and thanks to so many platforms these days you can actually create your online boutique website with no problems. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CREATING YOUR WEBSITE.