Aliexpress VS Alibaba | Which is the Best Alternative Platform for Dropshipping Suppliers?

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Aliexpress VS Alibaba | Which is the Best Alternative Platform for Dropshipping Suppliers?

Ever wondered whether it was best to use Aliexpress or Alababa to dropship products? Well in-order to help you decide whether Aliexpress or Alibaba is the best drop shipping platform, its best to look more in-depth into what these platforms actually do.


Alibaba is a B2B (business to business) wholesale platform where people can buy products in BULK. It is very popular for wholesale products. Now when you look into the definition of drop shipping, it involves selling products to customers directly, getting the supplier to process the order and ship it directly to the customer whilst you sit back and keep your profits. Now unless your customers are buying from you in bulk, it will be almost impossible for you to dropship bulk products. Nevertheless, Alibaba also has a few sellers that sell individual products, however these options are limited.


Aliexpress is a B2C (business to customer) e-commerce platform, where suppliers and manufacturers sell directly to customers. Aliexpress is currently seen as one of the biggest drop shipping platforms in the world right now meaning you can resell products from the thousands of sellers on their platform and get those suppliers to handle the shipping and fulfilment of orders. Because Aliexpress sellers sell directly to customer, it makes it easier to dropship from Aliexpress.

So in conclusion, Alibaba is great for wholesale but not the best platform for drop shipping. Aliexpress on the other hand is perfect for drop shipping. All in all, the biggest problem with using these platforms for drop shipping of course is the long shipping times and sometimes poor product quality. Hence I will only recommend you use these platforms if you are just a beginner getting started and trying to test the waters before you dive in full time. Not to say that drop shipping from Aliexpress is a bad idea because as a matter of fact there are some amazing sellers on Aliexpress, but you just have to conduct your due diligence and order some samples, test them out prior to using these sellers.

However other alternatives to drop shipping from Aliexpress or Alibaba are actually finding a wholesaler based in your local area who also offers drop shipping as this could be the perfect low risk way for you to start an online boutique since you benefit from faster delivery times and can test out products easily too.

So if you are looking for other alternative platforms where you can find non aliexpress or alibaba drop shipping suppliers based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other parts, then we recommend:

>> Salehoo

>> SellPire

>> Worldwide BrandsĀ