How to Retain Customers & Get Repeat Business | Customer Retention Strategies

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Winning customers is essential for the success of any business.  And this is absolutely true for online stores and boutiques too.  In fact, research has shown that only 4-5% of new customers will buy from you instantly, whereas over 60% of your existing customers are more likely to buy from you. So if there’s anything this research tells me, then it is not to neglect your existing customers but constantly find customer retention strategies that will keep your customers coming back for more and bringing you repeat business.

Your existing customers are worth way more than new clients. The probability of getting a sale from a new customer is worth way more than the probability of selling to an existing customer. Truth is, people shop from brands they KNOW, are familiar with, LIKE, and TRUST. The fact that a customer has taken out their credit card and bought your product or services before means they already trust you well enough. And ofcourse your existing customers are the people that have purchased from you before, are familiar with your brand, have used your products/services, trust you well enough to buy again from you or refer your brand to their friends and family. So if you can do a good job at retaining these existing customers rather than constantly seeking for new ones, you will make more sales than you can imagine. 

So in today’s article, I’m going to be sharing 3 top strategies you can use to retain your customers and get them to bring you repeat business and sales over and over again.

1. Always Deliver Quality Goods or Services.

One great customer retention strategy that will help you retain customers and get repeat business is to first of all offer great quality products or services.There is no better vehicle for our business message than our products or services themselves.  Consistently offering things that are more than worth our customers’ time and money will brand us as enterprises that are committed to quality products and services. This would only serve us well in future dealings with the same clients. Additionally, this would make our clients as advertising vehicles for our business as well, as they would spread the word about the excellence of our service to people belonging to their network.This is a very powerful way to retain customers and get them coming back for more.

2. Always Try to Over-Deliver

One great customer retention strategy that will help you retain customers and get repeat business is to over deliver. People love receiving more than what they paid for.  If you consistently give them some extras, their minds would be conditioned to trust your business for future transactions. Why not sneak it a little gift in their package or offer them a bonus product. 

The fact that they weren’t expecting that gift already puts a smile on their faces and makes them feel like they are getting way more than they paid for. You can also offer a next purchase discount code for a limited time only to create that urgency and get them to shop back from you soon.

In addition to the product you’re selling, add some more goods that would perk up the package.  Do this in a manner that you will make your customers aware of the value of the bonuses if they were otherwise purchased.  This would definitely increase the worth of your product, and such would make it more favorable for a successful sale. Additionally, your bonuses would foster good will with your clients, and this could go a long, long way for future orders. This is another powerful way to retain customers and get them coming back for more.

3. Build Relationships

Another great customer retention strategy that will help you retain customers and get repeat business is consistently build relationships with them. The importance of building good relationships with your customers cannot be undermined.  So try to humanize your approach so that your customers can relate to you as someone who is more than just a business provider, but also as a friend. Facebook Groups and social media is a great way to build relationships. You can create a private Facebook group for all paid customers to join, discuss their experience and ask any questions relating to using your products or services. Also use this to ask for and get reviews from your customers.

Another great way to retain customers through relationship building is to build a mailing list. This means having an email marketing strategy in place that can automatically send out emails to your customers about new offers, new product arrivals, special discounts and other content that your audience may find useful and beneficial. And this could serve their businesses well for quite a long time, as one successful sale can beget another and another after that.  So invest on an excellent autoresponder service and prepare those follow-up messages well. Take good care of your subscriber base, and they will take good care of your business in return. A great email marketing autoresponder I highly recommend is Aweber. You can try them FREE to start with, then its $19 per month moving forward – a worthwhile investment if you ask me.

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