How to Start a Tshirt Business With No Money

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How to Start A Tshirt Business With No Money 

Want to start your own  tshirt business selling t-shirts online but not sure how to get started with starting your tshirt business? Then you have come to just the right place because in this article, we explore 6 quick steps to starting your own tshirt business from scratch.


Starting a tshirt business online is a lucrative way to make money on the side or even as a full time income. T-shirts are everyday necessities meaning theres always going to be a demand for t-shirts in the market.

1- Pick a Niche

The first step to starting your own tshirt business is identifying a hot selling niche with high demand. You can use platforms such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends to identify what demand is out there for your specific tshirt niche. Remember you want to be specific when choosing a niche, do not try to be a shipping mall.

2- Start Designing

Once you have a niche, the next step of course is coming with some creative designs. You can get started with designing your tshirt in platforms such as, Placeit or hire a graphic designer on platforms such as to create some amazing professional designs for your tshirt.

3- Find a Supplier

Now you have some cool tshirt designs, the next step is finding a platform or supplier that can manufacture and dropship these t-shirts for you. A great platform I will highly recommend is Printful. Printful allows you to upload text or graphic based designs unto their products such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, etc. Once a customer buys from you, Printful then deals with the fulfilment and shipping of orders directly to your customers whilst you sit back and cash in on the profits.

4- Your Website

Now we have a drop shipping platform to manufacture and process our t-shirts, the next step is creating a website where customers can easily find you. I usually recommend especially for beginners to look into using Shopify to create their website Shopify is FREE to join then $29 per month after the free trial expires. So you have the option to try and test them out first, then decide whether or not its the best first for your tshirt business.

5- Upload Your Designs

Once you have a website designed, its time to upload those beautiful tshirt mockups and designs unto your website. The good thing about using Printful to dropship your orders is the fact that you can easily connect Printful with your Shopify store. This means all new t-shirts designed within the platform can be imported into your website with just a click of a button. And to top it up when a customer buys the t-shirts from your store, Printful are automatically notified of the new order.  They then process and ship out the order directly to your customer whilst you keep your profits.

6- Promote & Sell Your T-shirts

So now you have your tshirt company ready to go, its time to start attracting customers to your new online store and making sales. There are so many marketing platforms you can use to attract customers to your new online tshirt store. You can get started with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SEO, Email Marketing and Etsy to attract customers to your new tshirt business and drive sales. Alternatively CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER EVEN MORE HOT MARKETING STRATEGIES.


So these are some quick steps to helping you start your own tshirt business with no money or investment. If you are interested in learning even more strategies, then checkout our T-shirt Income Empire Guide which teaches you more in-depth steps to start your own tshirt company.