How to Get 10,000 Visitors to Your Online Store for FREE

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If you run an online store or online boutique, then you would know by now that getting traffic and sales is key and extremely vital to the overall success of your business. However the mistake most boutique and store owners make is that they seem to focus ONLY on social media marketing thereby ignoring other powerful strategies that could be used to get traffic to their store for FREE. Not to worry because in this weeks article, we reveal 4 powerful and FREE methods you can use to attract traffic and boost sales in your online store or boutique and get thousands of visitors each month to your online store.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the number one method to drive sales to your online store or boutique. Email  is still one of the best ways to generate leads in your business – if you do it right ofcourse! People can easily ignore an instagram feed or hit like on your picture and move on to the next post. What income does that then bring you as a business? ZERO Dollars. Secondly what if instagram or facebook or even youtube decide to shut down tomorrow? Then you’ve lost out on a fan base right? The point is, you do not own those followers on social media, however you could be smart and convert them into your own followers and have more direct access to them by collecting their emails. 

This is not to say social media marketing doesn’t work but it’s easier for you to have a direct and personal connection with your clients via email over social media. How many times a day do you check your emails? Once, twice, three times? (at-least once a day right)? Hence why email is still the best ways to market your business. A great email marketing software I will recommend is Aweber.  It is very easy to follow the steps with the help of their videos and notes.

Aweber will help you create an auto responder, meaning immediately people subscribe, they will receive an automated message thanking them for their subscription. You can also create auto messages to send to people at specific times, meaning your auto responders could be making you some sales even whilst you are asleep. This is also a great way to promote your products, services and affiliate products and build a recurring income.

Affiliate Marketing

Another powerful way to get free traffic to your website is using affiliate marketing. Affiliates are companies, individuals and organizations that you have established business relationships with in order to increase your exposure and sales revenue. Affiliates send traffic to your site via a link representing your business on their site. If the prospective customer should buy from you the affiliate gets a commission from the transaction. In order to use affiliates you are required to register with an affiliate program and begin recruiting affiliates to work for you. Offering a handsome commission can attract affiliates to sign up. Having a professional website that will be easy for them to integrate with their own site can also peak the interests of potential affiliates. Always treat your affiliates well, paying them on time and communicating with them on a regular basis. As a store owner, this means FREE traffic to your online store or boutique every single day. You can learn more about creating your own affiliate program for your store by CLICKING HERE.


Another great way to get FREE traffic to your store or boutique is to use Pinterest. Research has shown that nearly 90% of people who visit Pinterest go on to either make a purchase or try out the ideas they’ve seen there. e.g my pin on wholesale vendors has had over 2000 views and over 100 clicks back to the website which has translated into sales. Do bear in mind that I only uploaded that image on pinterest a couple of months ago and havent done much else to it.

Pinterest is now basically bringing us FREE evergreen customers to the Run Boutique Academy through that picture and out other pins ofcourse.Now imagine if you had thousands of people showing interest in your store products and hundreds coming back to buy from your website with no marketing effort in your end whatsoever? Wouldn’t that be great? You can think of it as FREE customers. If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest Marketing, you can CLICK HERE.

Search Engine Optimization 

Another powerful way to get FREE traffic to your store is to use search engine optimization. Search optimization is the method used to allow for your website to be ranked higher as a result of a search for specific keywords or phrases by a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Businesses will target certain keywords that are relevant to their content and place them on the homepage and/or other pages on their site. As an example assuming you have an online store selling jewellery. Then you would want to optimize words such as “silver jewelry” or womens rings”, etc. When Google receives a request for one of these keywords your website will rank up within the search engine. will come up in the search results. It is, however, not as easy as this. Your site may show up on page 100 buried deep within the search result listings. In order to get listed higher more work has to be done, as described in this article. Also, the act of optimizing a site requires some knowledge of HTML which is the basic language with which websites are built. You can use an HTML editor such Dreamweaver or Frontpage to add keywords to the pages which you are optimizing.

So these are four powerful ways to get FREE Traffic to your online store or boutique. If you would like to learn in more detail how to use these strategies and get thousands of visitors to your online store each month , then CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THE FULL MARKETING GUIDE FOR BOUTIQUES AND ONLINE STORES