You MUST DO THIS Before Using any Dropshipping Suppliers

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Important Questions You Must Ask Dropshipping Suppliers

Finding the right dropshipping supplier can be challenging, but it’s much easier if you know what to look for in a dropshipper supplier, and which questions to  ask a potential dropshipper before doing business with them. So in this article, we are going to talk about the most important questions you should ask a potential dropshipper before doing business with them.

Do They Offer a Dropshipping Service?

This is one of the most obvious first questions to ask any dropshipping supplier. If they offer a dropshipping service. It’s always best to double check this information even if they seem like dropshipping suppliers. There are cases where dropshipping suppliers simply fail to update their website and it may just turn out that they no longer offer, or now actually do offer a dropshipping service.

Shipping Policies

This is an extremely important question to ask the dropshipping supplier as this will help you determine which countries you can equally ship to.  That way you can reflect the same information on your website to saving you from having to deal with customers who order products that cannot be shipped to their specific location(s)

Ask About Return Policies

You should be sure to ask the drop shipping supplier what their return policy is. This is one of the most important things you should know about any company you’re considering using for dropshipping. Some dropshippers have terrible return policies, and a few do not allow returns at all. Many will require the buyer to pay for return shipping, while a few will pay for the return shipping if a mistake has been made or a product is damaged or defective. It is vital that a dropshipping supplier have a liberal return policy to keep customers happy in the event that a mistake is made.

If they Offer Custom Packaging / Private Labelling

Next, find out if the dropshipping supplier can offer custom packaging or private labelling of products. For example, will they insert your own packing slip, flyers, business cards,coupons, and any other materials? Although this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, having your own material included can increase sales, brand awareness and reduce returns. 

Ask About Any Monthly Fees

Ask if the dropshipping suppliers charge any fees for membership. Some companies charge an ongoing fee to access their database, and other add on services, e.g website design, training, web hosting, etc. Although this isn’t necessarily a sign that the company is a scam, it’s important to investigate companies that do more carefully, because most legitimate dropshippers do not charge a fee unless they offer other upsells such as web design, web hosting, training tools and resources or are a directory that has products from a wide variety of sources that aren’t publicly available or accessible. So basically if they do not offer anything extra, then you should not be paying extra.

Ask About What Payments the Accept

It is very important to find out what payment processors your dropshipping suppliers accept. That way you can ensure that your website is set up to accept payments using these methods, so you can easily pass customers orders and pay suppliers to process orders. 


Ask About Shopping Cart Integrations

It’s also important to find out from the dropshipping supplier if they can fully integrate their products with your shopping cart system. If they cannot,you risk customers ordering products that are out of stock and experiencing shipping delays or even having to issue refunds and apologies. Again this isn’t a deal breaker if the dropshipping supplier doesn’t have one but can save you some stress moving forward.

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